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About us




About us

We are a joint venture manufacturer, producing high quality hardwood garden furniture and buildings.  We are based in Kent, UK, distributing our own innovative products.  All products are warranted against faulty parts and workmanship for two years and for ten years against rot.  This excludes damage caused by abuse and misuse. 

For the first time in centuries, a radical departure from traditional methods in the production of sheds and sectional buildings.

Now your sectional building arrives as a flat pack.

Each panel is compatible with the next enabling a rapid construction of the whole building.  No more nails!


Each panel no wider than 2ft - each panel manufactured to minimal tolerances with every board slotted into the next by unique jointing system and further reinforced with steel pins fitted internally, the whole framed as a single unit providing a rigid weather-tight structure of great strength.


All units are John Tsang Designs exclusive to Malaysian SFP Ltd and are protected by patent.  The Tsang Tec system is a feature of John Tsang Designs for buldings in hardwood exclusive to Malaysian SFP Ltd.


We harvest, we log, we select, we cure, we manufacture, we deliver direct to your home.


We harvest from the proliferous forests surrounding our factories in Malaysia.  The logs are assembled in our sawmills where careful selection of the woods to be used is made.

After selection the logs are cut to the designated timber sizes and are then transported to our modern kiln drying ovens where each item is carefully cured.  When the curing process is complete, the woods are then selected for the manufacturing process.

Selection of woods is then made - some for our high quality, high profile furniture factory, some for sheds and sectional buildings and the rest for commercial products(doors, windows, decking, fencing and other products in hardwood required by the building industry).

 Completed products are then assembled for careful packing and are then transported to our container loading areas and thence shipped to a variety of destinations around the world.


All models in hardwood from sustainable forests, harvested in compliance with ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organisation) and Malaysian National Forestry Policy.


Basic requirements for all sheds and garden buildings:
Ground should be firm and level.  Buildings can be erected directly onto grass, clay, concrete or concrete slabs.  However, we recommend solid concrete as the buildings will far outlast any previous conventional garden shed.

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